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We are excited that you dropped in to see more of Sex Positive Works EDUtainment. 

We coach and consult; we provide demos and talks on maintaining  “safe, sane, and consensual” intimate and sexual relationships; and we create experiences just for you, based upon  your (event) theme and areas of interest.

We are not sex workers in the sense that we do not provide sex as a service or participate with our clients in any form of sex.  The truth is, we have little physical interaction with our audiences.  We teach and coach, and we can provide informal or more formal activities for you to fit inside of your event or party!

Email: Info@SexPositiveworks.com with your confidential questions and post less private ones here.

Again, welcome to the Sex Positive Works family.

Here’s one of our pages on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LYINGinBEDedutainment

Also, our play LYING in BED is looking for producers and backers, to get this show running  in numerous locations.

#LYINGinBEDThePlay #LYINGinBEDEDUtainment  d68c82ef03339d1d76567142db2bc6ab_zps5d7591f3                                                                                                                        “Use Me Baby”

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Email Info@sexpositiveworks.com or, if your work computer won’t let you do anything with the word “sex” involved, email Info@AGendaBenda.org. Write Suzette Paris in the subject box.

Contact http://www.gofundme.com/fbhcw

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