The sub whisperer

Handing it over to Me

Handing it over to Me

It is impossible to pinpoint, no matter how deep the vetting goes, where exactly a sub or slave is sitting socially, psychologically, mentally, or emotionally and what impact this will have on your dynamic.  Life has to happen and, with observations made, the Dominant or Master must adjust to meet the charge wherever they are.  

Not doing so simply alienates the sub or slave, instilling in them a sense of helplessness, perceiving that practically nothing they do pleases You.  You might feel inconvenienced and frustrated, often because even the best trainers cannot push fast forward and live in a future that experience and exposure has not yet built.  Rome was not …blah blah blah.”

If s/he is a fighter, don’t drain out every ounce of bite.  It has served her/him somehow, or it wouldn’t be so prevalent.   You wrestling the shield out of a warrior’s hands doesn’t engender trust.  It raises suspicion, maybe even panic.

Leather Best,

Daddi Cole