Guess who was Queer Host/Roundatable Moderator at Black Beat 2014.

Guess who was at Queer Host/Roundatable Moderator at Black Beat 2014?
Bio "DADDI COLE is an Author/Educator and lesbian-identified, gender fluid force of nature! 
Recognized by Black Expressions Alternative Tastes in 2012 for community service, 
Daddi Cole is a long time civic leader in LGBTQ communities, spearheading projects like the 
International LGBT Healthcare Awareness Ribbon, Bois Next Door and 
AGenda Benda's human trafficking prevention initiative. 
S/He created _Sex Positive Works_ to provide sex positive life coaching and consultation 
and to promote the use of art for raising awareness about consensual Dominance/submission and other unconventional 
relationship dynamics. To entertain and enlighten, Daddi Cole wrote and produces the stage 
play LYING in BED which features an all queer cast and characters. S/He enjoys demonstrating 
erotic edge play & shooting fetish photography. After five years of devoted submission, 
Daddi Cole's soko is currently "in service" to the one year-old who keeps the couple very busy. 
They reside in Atlanta."

Bio from Butch Voices 2013 “Daddi Cole uses art to raise awareness in the African American Community about consensual Dominance/submission and about other nonconventional dynamics in healthy relationships. To entertain & to enlighten, DC -a.k.a. Drag King LEGEND Rx- offers photography, collage exhibition; community talks & workshops; & erotic demonstration & performance. Awarded recognition in 2012 for community service by the Leather Community organization Black Expressions Alternative Tastes (, Daddi Cole raises awareness of alternative sexualities.”


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