907d5ee0-14a7-4e39-bd56-8ddc2ba9a47f_zpskllbtrkgDRAGnificence Event for Labor Day & Pride 2016: https://agenda-benda.ticketleap.com/dragnificence-show/

1. Filming 2016-17 (Part I, Part II) documentary: Performing Masculinities on the differences and overlap  between drag kinging and living as a butch/stud/boi.  Part II will examine differences and overlap  between drag kinging and living as an FTM trans person

2. Creating a fund for older or ailing kings (or former kings) who might need our immediate and short-term assistance in an emergency

3. Establishing and maintaining on Facebook, a resource list of state-of-the-art drag king, black burlesque/boi-lesque, and faux queen performers

4. Organizing and promoting regional, noncompetitive shows with celebrity kings and king troupes

5. Promoting opportunities for performing gigs at conferences and conventions

6. Producing an annual kings and faux queens of color event in Atlanta, GA to benefit AGenda Benda Justice, Inc. & Bois Next Door

7. Offering local  (Georgia) 90-minutes performances, featuring LEGEND Rx  (also Vernice Sha’virgin) other local performers.

8. Collaborating with AGenda Benda’s Bois Next Door FB group to convene quarterly: Community Conversations-in-the-Masculine to raise awareness of the need for research and services geared toward butch/stud-identified women.  Proceeds go to fund scholarships to attend Butch Voices conference in Oakland, CA.