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P23Motivation for Love!

Meeting  new collaborators at Sex Down South




The 7 CPs: Number 1

FOLLOW    as, this month, Daddi Cole breaks down the common practices of contented lovers.

7CPs 1 Drummin’:Rhythm is everywhere in nature; right? So finding your mind-body rhythm – u on u – is 1st #knowthyself #mastermasturbation


seven sea peasMay 15, 2015 Next up:  The Seven Common Practices of Contented Lovers #7CPs

(1) Drummn’ ~ The practice of moving in rhythm (“dancing”) with a partner or partners. Single? Great.  Use a mirror.

#7CPs Percussion is unifying.It makes us feel rhythm, not merely hear it in music or see it in nature.Set the pace.


May 14, 2015

And my pick for phalli art: The penis negative -just enough peen, but not all in your eyeball.


May 13, 2015

LAUNCH #DaddiColesCharmSchool NOW! Lesson 1: Make dick art. Using dildos is fine. Finding another use 4phalli. #dicks



Are you ready?

Find our interview with Dr. Gloria Brame  here

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