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What Constitutes Sex Work?

There is much discussion of sex for hire, specifically, the rights, ills,benefits, exploits, and contradictions associated with it. If the condemnation of sex work could stand up to close scrutiny, would sex work disappear? (Why) should it?

Like gun control, marijuana, and abortion, this topic is typically debated without benefit of facts or relative truth; without reference to condition, culture, class, or circumstance; without the inclusion of the voices of sex workers themselves.

We don’t presume to have a neat solution for keeping sex workers safe or for keeping those who utilize them honest. What we do offer is this information that attempts neutrality for the sake of engaging all kinds of readers -including sex workers themselves- regardless of your beliefs and ideas about prostitution, pro dominance, phone sex operators, striptease, web cam sex operators, call boys, escort services, peepshows, the adult video industry, or sex bartering.

Readers will notice, however, neutrality at Sex Positive Works ends squarely where abduction, rape and other violence; child/teen assaults, endangerment and exploitation; and human trafficking begin. This is why, although the issues, can overlap, we dedicate separate pages to their discussion.

Check back periodically, as we do add information and resource links.  Provision of links doesn’t indicate SPW’s agreement with all titles or content.  Opinions are those of the source-writers.

Leather & Kink in the Media

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ELLEN reads 50 Shades is a crack-up:

Sex-positive means…

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May 17, 2015


Please check out the sexual tidbits on DC’s blog #DaddiColesCharmSchool


SPW says :

Sex-positive (“Cole’s Cliff’s Notes” version) means open, accurate, and accepting information, ideas, and behavior around sex, sexes, and sexualities.  Talk of sexual freedom necessarily includes the freedom or protection from non- consensual and/or exploitative sexual behavior, as well as that sexual behavior coerced under the duress created by a threat of violence, abandonment, poverty, and/or outting.287023_196186233778259_6311985_o

Sex-positive isn’t “sex free-for-all”. Nope. Not as we see it, anyway.

It’s more like consensual participation in victimless acts that honor self and others, without attaching shame.

Self-love, respect for others, and safer sex practices make it worth it!

What does the term “sex-positive” mean to you?