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Handing it over to Me

Handing it over to Me

It is impossible to pinpoint, no matter how deep the vetting goes, where exactly a sub or slave is sitting socially, psychologically, mentally, or emotionally and what impact this will have on your dynamic.  Life has to happen and, with observations made, the Dominant or Master must adjust to meet the charge wherever they are.  

Not doing so simply alienates the sub or slave, instilling in them a sense of helplessness, perceiving that practically nothing they do pleases You.  You might feel inconvenienced and frustrated, often because even the best trainers cannot push fast forward and live in a future that experience and exposure has not yet built.  Rome was not …blah blah blah.” Continue reading

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Welcome Friends of #DaddiColesCharmSchool Blog

We are excited that you dropped in to see more of Sex Positive Works EDUtainment. 

We coach and consult; we provide demos and talks on maintaining  “safe, sane, and consensual” intimate and sexual relationships; and we create experiences just for you, based upon  your (event) theme and areas of interest.

We are not sex workers in the sense that we do not provide sex as a service or participate with our clients in any form of sex.  The truth is, we have little physical interaction with our audiences.  We teach and coach, and we can provide informal or more formal activities for you to fit inside of your event or party!

Email: with your confidential questions and post less private ones here.

Again, welcome to the Sex Positive Works family.

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Also, our play LYING in BED is looking for producers and backers, to get this show running  in numerous locations.

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Guess who was Queer Host/Roundatable Moderator at Black Beat 2014.

Guess who was at Queer Host/Roundatable Moderator at Black Beat 2014?
Bio "DADDI COLE is an Author/Educator and lesbian-identified, gender fluid force of nature! 
Recognized by Black Expressions Alternative Tastes in 2012 for community service, 
Daddi Cole is a long time civic leader in LGBTQ communities, spearheading projects like the 
International LGBT Healthcare Awareness Ribbon, Bois Next Door and 
AGenda Benda's human trafficking prevention initiative. 
S/He created _Sex Positive Works_ to provide sex positive life coaching and consultation 
and to promote the use of art for raising awareness about consensual Dominance/submission and other unconventional 
relationship dynamics. To entertain and enlighten, Daddi Cole wrote and produces the stage 
play LYING in BED which features an all queer cast and characters. S/He enjoys demonstrating 
erotic edge play & shooting fetish photography. After five years of devoted submission, 
Daddi Cole's soko is currently "in service" to the one year-old who keeps the couple very busy. 
They reside in Atlanta."

Bio from Butch Voices 2013 “Daddi Cole uses art to raise awareness in the African American Community about consensual Dominance/submission and about other nonconventional dynamics in healthy relationships. To entertain & to enlighten, DC -a.k.a. Drag King LEGEND Rx- offers photography, collage exhibition; community talks & workshops; & erotic demonstration & performance. Awarded recognition in 2012 for community service by the Leather Community organization Black Expressions Alternative Tastes (, Daddi Cole raises awareness of alternative sexualities.”


Sex-Savvy People We’re Meeting and Collaborating With

Tina Daniels of

Marla Stewart of

LeKeisha Jones of

Adrienne Loren Scroll down to see our new ad!

MsNightlyfe SweettoothMedia

Tahirah Olomidara Olufemi

more to come on these dynamic women…2012-02-29 17.34.07

Human Trafficking, Endangerment, and Exploitation


Please Join Us on March 26, 2013 on

the Alpharetta Campus of GA Perimeter College for this historic appearance of

Actor/Director/Producer Jasmine Guy

Jasmine Guy

Guy is the national spokesperson for the “I Am Not Yours” Campaign co-founded by Mona Stephen and Natalie A. Gates.

“I Am Not Yours”seeks to publicize the problem of the child sex trafficking industry both in metro Atlanta and in the nation.


If you think that human trafficking, organized child/teen endangerment and exploitation rings, and everyday sexual assault and violence don’t impact you, read on.  If you’ve experienced any of this directly or  indirectly there may be more you can glean from our postings.   If you are an activist, know that we know that information alone isn’t enough.  It is simply a start.  It is what we can do to join the fight.

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Thank you.

DC and soko

What Constitutes Sex Work?

There is much discussion of sex for hire, specifically, the rights, ills,benefits, exploits, and contradictions associated with it. If the condemnation of sex work could stand up to close scrutiny, would sex work disappear? (Why) should it?

Like gun control, marijuana, and abortion, this topic is typically debated without benefit of facts or relative truth; without reference to condition, culture, class, or circumstance; without the inclusion of the voices of sex workers themselves.

We don’t presume to have a neat solution for keeping sex workers safe or for keeping those who utilize them honest. What we do offer is this information that attempts neutrality for the sake of engaging all kinds of readers -including sex workers themselves- regardless of your beliefs and ideas about prostitution, pro dominance, phone sex operators, striptease, web cam sex operators, call boys, escort services, peepshows, the adult video industry, or sex bartering.

Readers will notice, however, neutrality at Sex Positive Works ends squarely where abduction, rape and other violence; child/teen assaults, endangerment and exploitation; and human trafficking begin. This is why, although the issues, can overlap, we dedicate separate pages to their discussion.

Check back periodically, as we do add information and resource links.  Provision of links doesn’t indicate SPW’s agreement with all titles or content.  Opinions are those of the source-writers.

Sex: Healthy for Heterosexuals

I clicked on this link Sex is Healthy

thinking how nice it is to see scientists discuss health benefits of sex.

I’m not bothered that they didn’t feature youth (as in youth of the minor variety) since I am still unconvinced

that youth have the legal voice to give consent (or to commit legally to a debt via contract, but I digress)

AND, I will give the article’s writer props for picturing a few “older” couples and a couple er two “of color”…

Diversity.  Fab.

I have to ask though:  Does this mean that sex is healthy only for heterosexuals?